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Has Fabulang helped you? Now return the favour, and help someone else to learn English!

We are asking native English speakers to help us ensure that our English text is 100% free from errors. All you have to do is read one of our stories in English. The links below allow you to edit or add comments to the text. If you find an error, please fix it. If you don’t find any errors, write that in a comment.

If you are an English expert (e.g. you teach English), please see our Expert Reviewer programme instead.

Please carefully read the Guidelines before contributing.


  • You must have a native level of understanding of English.
  • We write in British English.
  • Please only fix errors, or unnatural phrasing. If it isn’t an error, leave it as it is.
  • Do not introduce or remove ideas; do not simplify or embellish.
  • Do not split or join sentences. Do not split or join paragraphs.
  • Avoid loanwords unless it would be egregiously wrong to use a native word.
  • Consider the level, and whether simpler or more precise language is more appropriate.

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By contributing, you’re helping thousands of learners around the world. Thank you!


How do I edit the text?

For most of our stories, the links above will take you to Google Docs. You can edit the text just like any document on your computer, or add comments. Your changes are saved automatically. We will see this and check your work before accepting it.

For some of our stories, the link will take you to GitHub. Click the Edit icon (it looks like a pen) at the top right of the text. You will need a free GitHub account first. When you’ve made your edits, click Commit.

Why do you need my help?

We’re only human and we aren’t perfect – but we want to be. The only way to guarantee that our stories are 100% free from errors is if a lot of native speakers or experts read them.

Fabulang makes no money, so we can’t pay professional proof-readers or editors. We rely on amazing people like you to help us.

Will I receive credit for contributing?

If we accept your changes, we will add you to our list of Contributors or Reviewers. Currently, this list isn’t shown on the main website, but we may change this in the future. If this is important to you, please let us know. If you wish, you can state publicly that you contributed to Fabulang.

Is there any payment available?

There is no payment available for contributing. Fabulang makes no money, so has no budget. But we will not forget our contributors. If there is ever a way we can reward you, we will do so. That’s why we keep a list of contributors, and ask that you leave an email address.

By contributing, you agree that the story text remains at all times wholly and exclusively the copyright of Fabulang.