Story: The Land of Eternal Rain

Language English – A story for learners of English
Level A2 (2 of 6) – Basic (Essentials) What's this?

Years ago, in a small town, there was a witch. The witch made it rain every day. In spring, summer, autumn and winter: rain, rain, rain, snow.

One day, an orphan called Beatrice went to the Town Hall. It was a large, beautiful building. It was built when Beatrice was a baby.

Beatrice said: “I want to find the witch. She has to stop the rain.”

There were seven men in front of her. They were the leaders of the town.

“Go and play outside,” said the oldest man.

“It’s too wet,” said Beatrice.

“Then stay inside,” said the old man.

“I want to help the town.”

The old man laughed. “You can’t help. It rains because of an evil witch. We tried to kill her. We failed – and we are men. You are a little girl.”

The rocks were wet. It was difficult to climb up the mountain. Beatrice climbed for hours. At the top, it wasn’t raining. It was dark now, but she saw the witch’s castle.

She knocked on the door. The witch opened the door.

“Come in, it’s cold outside!” said the witch.

Beatrice went inside. There was a fire. The castle was warm and cosy. The witch gave her a cup of tea and some hot cakes. Beatrice said thank you.

When Beatrice was dry, she said, “Please stop the rain.”

“Do you know why I made it rain?” asked the witch.

“They said you are evil.”

The witch laughed.

“Years ago, witches lived in the town with the people, did you know that?”


“Everyone liked us. We used our magic to help the town. But one day, people started to say that magic was evil. Suddenly, no one liked us.

“They told us to go to the Town Hall. I didn’t go. But the other witches went there. They went inside. The Town Hall was empty. The people shut the doors, and set fire to the building.

“I used magic to make it rain. But it was too slow. The fire burned the Town Hall. There was nothing left.”

The witch looked at Beatrice.

“I’m sorry, dear. You are upset.”

“I’m fine,” said Beatrice. She was crying.

“Please don’t cry, my dear. I want to help you. I’ll do anything you ask.”

“Can I stay with you?” Beatrice asked. “And, please, don’t stop the rain.”